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The Software Utility for USB Devices.





   Optimize Your USB Devices and Speed Up Your System!
   View, Browse and Test Your USB Devices! — How fast are they?
   Determine if Your USB Devices are Really 2.0 or Not!
   Helps You Troubleshoot Your USB Devices and Installations!
   New Topology View Of All Your USB and Related Devices!


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for Personal Edition (Single PC) License!

Free Upgrade to New Version 2.0!


Viruses have become an inevitable part of our lives. A virus breaks through our first line of defense and attacks our system to slow or shut it down. Fortunately, now there is a solution to the entire ordeal in the form of FixMeStick!” It’s a USB stick that has taken the tech world by storm. Read a review of the Fix Me Stick here.

USB Net-LinQ Cable


USB Net-LinQ Cable



USB PC to PC Networking or File-Transfer Cable
  • NEW Installation CD Included w/ USBInfo 2.0 Beta!
  • Network Via USB, no hardware to install!
  • Connect 2 or more PC together using either a ‘virtual network connection’ over the USB cable or use (the no-network) PC-LinQ file transfer application for simple PC o PC file copying!
  • Use the Network function to create a simple Internet Connection  and Printer / File Sharing for your laptop or second computer.
  • Use the PC-Linq File-Transfer Tool to securely transfer files from one system to another without using any networking services.
  • Compatible with popular titles such as: Symantec’s Norton Ghost, LapLink, Detto’s Intellimover and more!

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