Features –What You Can Do With USBINFO™

September 7, 2017 | | Post a Comment

Easily View, Explore and Browse USB Devices and their related devices such as USB Drives
Determine whether your USB Controllers, Hubs and Devices are really USB 2.0 or not
Determine how fast your USB 2.0 Devices really are
Measure the performance of your USB 2.0 and USB 1.x Devices
Compare the performance of various USB Devices
Easily determine which USB Device is related to what USB Drive — Compared to Windows clumsy, confusing, and incomplete views
Browse and Explore USB Drives
Stop USB Devices so they can be safely removed
Help you troubleshoot USB Device and installation problems
Determine which USB Device Registry entries are active and find those that match your USB Devices
Find Registry entries that have incomplete/incorrect information in them or that no longer apply to the USB Device hardware that is currently installed.
See at a glance all of the USB Devices and Registry Entries that have been installed including those that apply to USB Devices you may no longer be using.
Review the Advanced Technical Information for USB Devices

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