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USBINFO™ allows you to browse for and select a USB Device for Performance Test, execute the built-in USB Device Stop/Restart Process, and start running a Performance Test in just a few seconds and with just a few mouse clicks – On Windows 2000/XP the whole process is seamless and fully automatic.

Unlike other highly limited USB utility software, USBINFO™ is compatible not only with standard USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 Controllers that are installed using Microsoft’s USB Controller Drivers – But it is also compatible with 3rd Party USB 2.0 Controllers that use 3rd Party Controller Drivers.

For those of you who use different Windows versions, USBINFO™ incorporates extensive display USB Device information gathering and formatting techniques. It is able to take USB information in the varying forms and locations that it exists in the different Windows versions and provide you with consistent display views of your USB Devices that you can use on any Windows version (98/SE/Me/2000/XP) with a consistent look and feel.

USBINFO™ is also a serious tool for those who want to really test their USB Devices and measure their performance in various configurations and on various systems.

USBINFO™ is an invaluable tool for end users as well as more technical people – And even USB hardware and software developers.

USBINFO™ shows all of your USB Devices (Controllers, Root Hubs, External Hubs, and External Devices) including all of the other devices related to your USB Devices such as USB Drives – All on one easy to understand and display. And it is compatible with USB 2.0, USB 1.1 and USB 1.0 Devices.

USBINFO™ also provides a very powerful Performance Test Data Logging feature for saving Performance Test results, reviewing them later, and comparing the Performance Test results of different USB Devices.

USBINFO™ allows you to run a Performance Test on each USB Device individually – It also allows you to run Performance Tests on individual parts of USB Composite Devices such as Multifunction Devices that have more than one type of device like Printer, Scanner, and Card Reader built into one unit.

USBINFO™ allows you to view all of the interfaces of USB Composite Devices which have Multifunction Devices that have more than one type of device in them.

USBINFO™ installs a special Filter Driver on the USB Device to allow it to monitor and measure the Data Transferred between the PC and the USB Device.

One of the many USBINFO™ USB Device views is the Topology View which shows the whole system USB Device Tree, including all installed host controllers, hubs, ports and devices, connected to them.

Other views available with USBINFO™ are a complete list of Installed USB Devices from the registry, the complete tree view of USB Device Registry Keys, and the Advanced Technical Information that allows the technically inclined to see the details from inside the USB Devices themselves.

All USBINFO™ USB Device views and displays are cross-referenced so when you click on a particular USB Device in one view, the matching USB Device entry is highlighted in the other views. This allows you to easily see what Registry entries are associated with which USB Device and vice versa.

USBINFO™ fully supports the USB implementations on the various Windows versions.

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