About Us

What do you do when all of your friends find the same fault in a device that could risk a house fire? Do you just write to the company, or do you take affirmative action? Me and a friend in our group decided we wanted to take that more direct route, and began this blog (USB Fire Info) to help people find what cables were faulty and what they could do if they had them. It was a way to give back to society whilst also chastizing those companies seeking profit over safety. We did pretty good with it too, and nowadays you hear about this kind of incident so much less, especially with ever increasing rules and regulations.

And so, we sat on this blog for a while. Outdated and abandoned, effectively. But now we both find ourselves with a little more time on our hands, and a lot of energy to burn. So why not put it to making a new blog from the ashes of the old?

…Bad joke?

Who Runs This Blog?

Hi, I’m Gus Hermann. I’m the tech brains behind this blog. I run the site, keep things updated and work on the backend side. My main job is in the programming world, so I am surrounded by computers and tech all day every day.

Because of this, I know the importance of getting good and reliable information. Whether it be for the latest gadget, or for what to do if your computer dies. Knowing the truth of a situation helps so much and can keep you on top of things.

This blog was originally my idea, but changing it into the form you see today was that of my good friend…

Howdy! I’m Hannah Navare, and, well, the rebirth of this blog was my shot to make. I told Gus I was looking for something to do whilst we all sit in lockdown, and as I work in the world of copywriting it felt like a good time to step up to the blogging plate once again!

My work may vary in what I cover, but I’m a total geek in my spare time. I built my own PC and update it regularly, I play the latest games as they come out (for better or for worse) and even follow all the big events and conventions…when they’re happening, that is.

So now you have an idea of who we are and why the blog is as it is. Hopefully it is a good look into our lives and us as people. As for what to expect? Anything tech related is a given, and we’re not looking to restrict ourselves, so it can vary a lot!

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