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Health Dangers of Computers

Advance technology brought us computers and mobile phones, and it seems that these two devices can never fade in our generation. These two devices work for all our purposes and can work everywhere. For example, those working in offices usually work 8-10 hours daily on a computer even when our little kids watch YouTube videos the whole day. With the long sitting hours with computers, how does this device affect our health?


  1. Eyestrain

Large screens of computers emit more radiation. The bright lights by computers can irritate our eyes. The lights can change the standard grading of our eyesight. It causes nearsightedness of users, which is clinically known as myopia disorder. The radiation from screens can also irritate our eyes. A common sign of irritation is redness in the eyes. With constant irritation, our eyes may have dry and burning sensations. Burning sensation in our eyes allows us to blink constantly. The continuous blinking makes our eyes roll without control.

Thus, to prevent eye strain, we need to look in our surroundings every 30 minutes of work. The use of anti-radiation glasses can help prevent the transfer of radiation in our eyes. Another tip is to use a cold eye pad before going to sleep. A mixture of pleasing colors and relaxing pictures beside our working station can even prevent eye strain. If you feel like your eyesight may be getting worse and you do not want to keep reaching for your glasses, you may want to look into resources such as SharpeVision to discuss potential laser eye surgery. It will mean less worrying about where your glasses are, and more support for your eyesight.

  1. Bad posture


Constantly sitting in a chair and doing computer jobs for almost our lives can lead us to posture problems. Our vertebrae are the structure of our body. They serve as the framework for our upper and lower bodies. When we sit, we seldom do not use the proper sitting position. We sit according to our comfort. But often, a comfortable position is not a good sitting position. And this habit changes our posture.

To prevent this from happening in the future, we should make our chair the most comfortable workplace. The cushion should be soft to allow blood flow in our butt. The splat of the chair should be sturdy yet retractable. Even the arm of the chair should have options where we can put a bottle for a drink. And to change directions, the rollers of the chair should be working.


  1. Obesity

Sitting in swivel chairs does not burn enough calories. And one of our everyday habits when in front of computers is, we usually find something to eat. The reduced movement and the increased food intake will make our bodies change drastically. According to research, most of the people working with computers are struggling with obesity.

To stop or prevent obesity, we need to put effort into our diet intake and maintain discipline with exercise. Avoid placing foods near your workstation. The image of food will tempt us to eat constantly. Diet without training never changes. We should try to enroll ourselves in Yoga, Zumba, or aerobics at least three times a week. Discipline and patience are the two virtues needed to lose weight.


  1. Muscle strains

Working in computers makes use of most of our arm and hand muscles. That is why it is common to feel numb and have strains on these parts of the body. We feel nape pain from not being able to move our neck in a couple of work hours. Fast typing skills can also trigger our hands to have possible carpal tunnel syndrome. It is a disease where we can feel numbness and weakness in our hands.

The reason for numbness is because our median nerve is compressed in our hands. This is because of the constant movement of our hands. This situation can occur when we type for most of a day. Our upper part of the body is affected, but even our legs can also have various veins. We sit for hours, preventing the circulation on our lower body. The decreased circulation can make us feel numb with tingling sensations.

To prevent such scenarios, we must have constant movement with our body at least every one hour. Practicing rolling of our head, wrists, and legs to improve circulation and bring oxygen to our bodies will help. This can prevent muscle strains from happening.



We live in the golden age where everything seems possible to happen because of these devices. The question is, how do we change our lifestyle to adapt to this technology?


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