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How Interactive Videos are Making a Difference to Profitability

When a company is looking to promote its product or services online, there are various tools at its disposal. A digital marketing strategy will consider all of them. From SEO and PPC, which will raise a company’s position in search lists, to creating interactive content for their website to promote a product more effectively. When it comes to producing engaging content, we need to think carefully about how the potential customer’s mind works. To do this, we only have to think about how our mind works when we are looking to buy a product online.

So, we shall consider just what sells a product to us and so what impact an interactive video will have on all potential customers. Then, what difference this will make to our company profits because of investing in the software to produce such a video.

What Sells a Product?

To sell a product to someone online you can simply have a picture of the product and write a list of its main features. Everyone is doing this, though. So, what will make your product stand out over everyone else’s? The answer is not to show online users your product but to demonstrate it to them. This is achieved through a video. You can have someone speak directly to your customer as if they are the only one listening.

Also, with interactive videos, an extension to just the basic video, you can have it so a customer can be guided to sections of the video to find out only the things they want to know. We all appreciate anything that saves us time. Equally, we want to know all the important information that helps us to make an informed buying decision, and that can be all there in the interactive video. Interactive videos are a more structured way of selling. A way that customers will appreciate.

What Our Mind Reacts To

Do we prefer to look at pictures or text in a magazine? Most people will answer that they like looking at the pictures. They do something for us. They change our mood by making us smile more often than not. We can usually see more in that picture than ever we could from reading text that we end up reading over and over again but not necessarily absorbing. Combined with a picture, the narrative will make more sense. The picture provides context. A good picture will jump out from the cover of a magazine. It is just like this will interactive videos. They jump out from the computer screen and grab our attention from the moment they begin. You can enhance a still picture with a moving image and text with sound. You just need the software to create them.

People enjoy discovering and researching things. That is what you are doing with an interactive video. Constantly finding things out about a product everywhere you click.

How Will Company Profitability be Improved

Because interactive content grabs our attention, it also plays with our emotions. Interactive videos will put us into a buying mood and warm us to a product that we began by wanting to know more about. By the end of the interactive video, we are more likely to buy what we have been demonstrated because we have been shown all of the product’s uses, because of being able to click on an additional link to find them all out, without being overloaded with the information that would otherwise have seemed daunting and have put us off going any further.

The interactive video will also have improved the image of our company as well as explained the product. A customer will have been convinced that our company is as professional as the interactive video we have produced. That our after-sales service has the same professionalism associated with it. Everyone wants to think that further support exists once they have purchased the item.

With interactive videos, there can also be places someone can click to provide feedback. This will be useful to you as a company to know how to continually improve your service.

Video advertising is the future and should be embraced.

In conclusion, we know what sells a product to others because we know what sells one to us. We would much prefer a video explaining the product to us and one that takes us places to find out more about a product once the video has us engaged. We do not want to be bombarded with information but have it available to us through clicking various parts of an interactive video. As a company, this type of video will enhance our brand and improve product sales as more people feel like buying it because we have put them in a buying frame of mind.

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