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Importance of Mobile Technology

We see the evolution of us humans in the advancement of our technology. Even with countries, we define their industrialization depending on their technological breakthroughs. Different devices with the sole purpose of communication come in different sizes and presentations every year. In this innovation comes along features they boost in our human world.

What is Mobile Technology?

Mobile technology is the call for advancement in the communication system. It developed through time. It was first introduced in the market as two-way pager since the year of 1890. After years of invention from our technological engineers, they developed wireless signals that can work at least 2 miles apart. And so, history to tell, from those two paired pagers, comes in handy called smartphones. Cell sites were developed around the globe to transmit wireless networking. We made innovations on its features. And it becomes indispensable or a vital part of our daily lives.

Why is Mobile Technology Advancement Significant?

The standard devices that can offer us mobile technologies are:

– Personal computers and laptops

– Smartphones and tablets

– Wireless payment terminals for debit and credit cards

With the mentioned above, we all know why mobile technology makes our world go round. But to a more detailed explanation, let’s all take part in this awareness.


It is never to question the sole advantage of mobile technology in the manner of our communication. It makes the world smaller. With just a tap through our social media applications, we can communicate with someone across the globe. Mobile technology allows us to transmit information in faster and secure ways. Sending files concerning our work can now be encrypted with passwords.

The encryption makes our files secured. Also, it gives us informative news even without television. Communication during a disaster is essential, which mobile technology provides us. Our technological engineers planned applications where we can check weather, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, or tsunami. These advancements in mobile technology allow us to be aware and to be prepared during the incident.


Our smartphones serve not only for messaging or calls. They now serve as one of our mood stabilizers and as entertainment. Whatever we are doing, we can now watch our favorite live streams on our screens. It allows us to read a book in a paperless manner and indulge in games with high resolution that can now be played online with members worldwide. Blogs are trendy nowadays with our younger generation. It allows them to express themselves with applications that you can use for entertainment like TikTok and Photoshops.


From our ancestors that use compasses to locate one’s locations, mobile technology applied this feature in our phones. The connection of our phones via satellite can give us our accurate site. This will help us when traveling to foreign countries. This is a great help to ships. Outside the ocean, where they cannot see any island nearby, the GPS locator can give them a signal where to go.


One of the given samples above about mobile technology is payment terminals for credit and debit cards. Years ago, the use of a check was the way for payment. However, since there had been many fraudulent activities with checks, the invention of chipped cards was done. Chipped cards were formally taken in ATMs.

However, some find it a hassle to fall in line with ATMs during their grocery time. Thus, mobile technology takes a leap in innovation to device terminal outlets. These outlets allow us to be cashless on groceries and all payment terms. But mainly, it prevents fraudulent activities in our bank transactions.

Health status

Another innovation with mobile technology is the invention of health-related applications. We, humans, have a deteriorating time of age as the next generation comes. People live their lives in a short period nowadays, unlike with the past generation. Thus, mobile technology advances with inventing applications that can check our heart rates, calorie intake, and burn via step counters. Devices such as pulse oximeters, which know our body’s oxygen content, monitors for our blood pressure, and so much more. We have been conscious of our health aspect that is why mobile technology helped us a lot.


The advancement in mobile technology has the sole purpose too in making our lives comfortable. I am looking forward to more breakthroughs in technology in the future.

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