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Incorporating Smart Technology into a Holistic Lifestyle

Can we lead a holistic life and still be embracing the Internet of Things? Who said holistic living is staying away from computers, smartphones, and the internet? Though some people can live off-the-grid, we cannot define a holistic lifestyle based on the absence of smart technology.


Holistic life and technology can be mutually inclusive. We enjoy life better with intelligent systems in our homes and offices. The only thing we need is control so that tech doesn’t control us. The problem comes in when we allow gadgets to dominate our behavior. Having control over smart tech could mean working out outside of a gym or brewing coffee manually. Let’s find out ways we can improve our mind, body, and soul through smart tech.


Connecting to Like-Minded People

Today, we communicate through smartphones no matter where we are. Depending on our passions, we can form online groups to bring together folks we share interests with. Video conferencing platforms have gained widespread adoption since the Covid-19 pandemic emerged. While audio calls are fine, we feel more engaged through video calls. The best part is that video conferencing apps like FaceTime are compatible with many operating systems including iPhone, iPad, and iPod. Video chats are more interesting as we communicate better with the person on the other end when we check them live. Networking with people across the globe is beneficial to any business. It is good to see how people of different cultures view situations and create solutions. They give us ideas we never thought of before.


Exercise Anywhere

Smart tech supports an active lifestyle thanks to online workout programs. Some are hosted in Google Play Store. We can find workout routines on Apple Fitness Plus. This means we have no excuse when it comes to personal training as long as we have good internet connectivity. We can also download workout routines to our private cloud storage and practice anywhere at any time. When on vacation, we just need to connect our smart devices to the hotel’s smart TV to access our workouts.


Food For Thought

Poor diet wreaks havoc on our health but technology has come to save us. Certain apps are built around improving our eating habits. They allow us to see the nutritional value of the foodstuffs we pick at the grocery. Through the smart food scale, we get a great visualization of protein, fats, and carbs that move into our daily diet. At the touch of a button, we can access healthier recipes. New features and AI on smartphones can identify foods and tell their nutritional facts in seconds. Molecular sensors help to analyze the chemical composition of the food materials. As such, we can analyze the health implications we could be facing by following particular meal patterns. A lot of food blogs advocate for conscientious eating or organic foods. Sustainable diets are a major trend we should embrace.


Food and Drug Recalls

Sometimes, staying in the know of every food and drug recall can be a tedious task. Smart tech can alert us on our favorite foods that have been tested for contamination and turned positive. This is also critical to our pet feed. To stay on top of the alerts, we can subscribe to mailing lists and allow notifications through our smartphones to avoid missing a recall. The other important news we should not miss is a drug recall. We take OTC drugs once in a while. But we cannot be ignorant of the devastating consequences of possible impurities in those drugs. Some popular drugs have been recalled after they were found to be carcinogenic. It can be scary to learn that the substances we rely on to stay alive could also kill us slowly. That’s why we need an alert mechanism through smartphones to save our lives.


Remote Exam Kits

Every household needs a toolkit to carry out basic medical tests. Remote medical exam kits became essential products during the lockdown period in 2020. In conjunction with teleconferencing apps, these health gadgets can connect us to qualified healthcare professionals for remote medical appointments and diagnosis. We need them to keep up with routine treatments and prescriptions. Other health devices come with a thermometer, tongue depressor, digital camera, stethoscope, and otoscope.


As we have seen above, tech and holistic living are inseparable. We don’t have to choose one over the other. Unless we spend a whole day staring at TV screens and smartphones, smart technology cannot affect our health negatively. Instead, it encourages a healthier lifestyle.


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