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My Favorite Examples Of Modern Technology

In recent years a large range of tech products have become available (and most importantly affordable) to the general public. These items have changed the ways that I engage in daily life activities. They offer convenience and recreation in ways that I could not have dreamed of. I have compiled a list of my favorite examples of modern technology. I utilize them regularly for a variety of purposes. Being aware of this hardware and software will help readers to better understand just how far society has come in terms of innovation.


VR Headsets

I have always tried to stay up to date with the latest gaming consoles, whether it be Sega, Nintendo, Xbox or PlayStation. The emergence of VR headsets has made a huge impact on the entire industry. I am able to literally immerse myself in game worlds like never before. After trying out this format for the first time I found that regular screen gaming simply did not have the same effect. VR also has applications outside of recreation. It is used in research and development, as well as the medical world. It seems likely that VR tech will play an even bigger role in my and everyone else’s lives in the near future.



I always have a smartphone on me. I utilize it in a plethora of ways every day. The main problem with phones is that I always have to pull them out of my pocket. This action does not feel fluid enough. However, I can now access messages and apps with the mere flick of my wrist thanks to smartwatches. These devices are connected to the smartphone wirelessly. If a text or incoming call is received then my watch vibrates to let me know. Whilst it might seem like a fairly small added convenience I have really started to notice the benefits of smartwatches through daily use.


Home Cleaning Robots

I have quite a busy life and do not always have enough time to perform household tasks. This includes vacuuming the floors regularly. That is why I use a cleaning robot. In essence it is an automated vacuum cleaner. It is able to learn the layout of my rooms and clean them by the time I get home. I even have an app connected to the robot which lets me set the exact time I want it to start and finish the cleaning. It not only saves me time but also the money that would otherwise be spent on hiring an expensive human cleaner. There are some things that a robot cleaner cannot do…pest infestation, that will need to be handled by the professionals like pest control theodore services, afterward, you can use your robot cleaner to clean up any debris left over.


Cloud Storage

In the past I would often run out of hard drive space on my computer. This would force me to delete the lesser needed files instead of paying for additional storage hardware. Luckily I no longer need to make these sacrifices thanks to cloud technology. I outsource my storage by uploading files and folders onto the “cloud”, a connection of servers. I pay a fairly cheap monthly fee in exchange for this convenience. One of the best things about the cloud is I do not have to fill my home and workspace with multiple storage devices. It is also relatively safe from ransomware and malware.



Dashcams for cars have been around for a while now. However, it was only recently that ones were released that can record in full HD. I like to keep my own dashcam on at all times when I am driving. The footage could prove to be very useful if I need to file an insurance claim in the future. I have the cam connected to my phone so that I can view what is happening live even when I am not inside the vehicle. This may also be a helpful tool if the car is ever damaged or stolen.


Wireless Headphones

I am an avid listener of music. I will play songs throughout the day and prefer to do so with headphones. The older models I used to have would get their wires tangled. After trying out wireless headphones I never looked back. Once again, the convenience of this device is based around its connectivity with my smartphone. This one in particular does so via Bluetooth.


Hannah Navare

Howdy! I’m Hannah Navare, and, well, the rebirth of this blog was my shot to make. My work may vary in what I cover, but I’m a total geek in my spare time. I built my own PC and update it regularly, I play the latest games as they come out (for better or for worse) and even follow all the big events and conventions…when they’re happening, that is.

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