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My Search For Good Budget Smartphones

Some people like to go for high-end expensive pieces of technology when choosing their next smartphone. A lot of consumers I know will even purchase the latest model iPhone or Samsung Galaxy each year. However, I like to get the best value for money. For this reason I usually stick to the budget range of smartphones. This is a very wide market with plenty to choose from. Luckily there are several factors that help to narrow down the smartphones that are most applicable to me.



This is by far the most important aspect of the phone for me. It needs to be below a certain threshold for me to even be interested. This tends to be around the $200 mark if I am buying it outright. $30 is my monthly limit if I choose a contract instead. Once I have compiled a list of phones within these price ranges I can then start to cherry pick the best looking ones. It is important to note that the initial price may not equal the full overall cost of the phone. I may need to purchase accessories such as a case and screen protector. A lot of phone providers also offer insurance for an extra fee. These should be added up to better understand the true cost of the smartphone.



A lot of people would be perfectly comfortable with a cheaper screen that only displays 720p. However, I need my phone to have a full HD display. This is because I will use it regularly to watch TV shows and movies. I am also an avid gamer so high definition is a must for me. I will look through the specs of my potential new phones and make sure that HD display is included. If it is not then I will not purchase the phone. I use my phone for a lot of different things, so it’s vital that it has a clear display to make it easier for me to look at. One of my friends actually suggested that I should be using blue light blocking glasses (learn more here) when I use my phone due to the blue light that some displays do emit. This light can impact eyesight significantly, so it’s important that people do protect their eyes from their screen.


I use my phone throughout the day for a large number of different functions. Therefore the battery life needs to be decent enough. One of the best things about budget smartphones is they tend to emphasize long battery life. In many cases, a cheaper phone will keep going long after a higher-end one has run out of juice. I check reviews of each phone so that I can compare the batteries. Charging is also an important factor. A number of budget phones have turbo charging capabilities so that the battery can go from dead to full within less than an hour.



It is fair to say that I am addicted to apps. I will end up downloading a lot of them. My phone of choice has to have at least 120 gb of storage to run them all smoothly. This does not have to be internal. A micro SD slot will usually suffice. Some budget smartphones offer cloud storage. However, I tend to avoid this in favor of more traditional methods. This is because I may not always have a connection to the cloud when I need it.



Today practically everyone has a phone capable of snapping photos. Even very cheap ones often have cameras that can shoot in full HD. There are even some that can record 4k videos. The camera is not very important to me but it will be for a large number of consumers. It is a good idea to look at online video comparisons of each phone camera as they may have very subtle yet important differences.


Future Proofing

Longevity is a crucial factor for me. The phone I buy will need to last at least a couple of years. I prefer to only buy ones that have the latest version of Android installed. This minimizes the chances of them becoming obsolete any time soon. It is easy to fall into the trap of buying a very cheap phone only for the system to be out of date in no time at all. The smart choice is to future proof it by only buying phones with an up to date operating system.


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