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Similarities of Mobile Phones and Computers

The two most used devices needed for internet connection are either smartphones or computers. Some of us had the luxury to buy both devices. That is why programmers increase their specifications and features every year. New features were added to increase pricing in the market. But what are the similarities between the two? Let’s sit back and check the details below:

  1. Operating systems

Both devices have the software installed on their hard disk. The hard disk is their brain, while the software is the nervous system. The operating system allows control in a device. Mostly, computers have an operating system of Linux or Windows. Mobile phones, however, have Android, Apple, and Windows.

Though the software of phones depends on their brand, it does not go that far from the operating systems of computers. Mobile phone software is almost the same as computer operating systems. Different brands of phones evolved the software to prevent legal cases. The similarities of both in the operating system are the main reason why both devices work the same. Everything from software to applications that can work with a computer will likely work on mobile phones.

  1. Power

The computer needs electricity to work. Though mobile phones have built-in batteries, still, they need electricity to charge their battery. Unlike other machines that work with gasoline, both of them work efficiently if electricity is provided. As of now, there is no tesla-powered computer or mobile phones. However, we never know when the next generation can make such inventions.

  1. Applications

Computers have default applications installed. The same goes for mobile phones. But both devices can have applications that can be downloaded through google play or app stores. Almost all applications that can work with a mobile phone can also work with computers.

  1. Connectivity

For both devices to connect with the internet, they can either be wired connected through an ethernet cable or wirelessly through Wi-Fi. Mobile phones cannot be taken in wired connection, but they can also work through wireless connection via Wi-Fi. Another leap in technology achieved by our programmer is the invention of the Bluetooth feature. It allows the transfer of all types of files like videos, photos, music, documents, presentations, applications, and others in all kinds of programs regardless of their memory size. And this Bluetooth can be found on both devices. The advancement of this feature allows users to transfer files at speed and at any time.

  1. Display and Sound effects

From low-quality videos to now in high-definition videos can be viewed on those two devices. Both offer high-resolution quality videos. We can even pixelate photos for an enlargement. And display sharing is now available to both. We can use projectors during presentations regardless of which device we use. This allows us to present a larger picture to many groups of people.

Another is the music both devices can offer. Computers and mobile phones have a built-in speaker. If you want to have a projected sound, we can connect both to external speakers. Music is considered a therapy for many, which either of these devices can offer us.

  1. Communication

Though mobile phones can offer texts and calls without an internet connection, both of them are mainly used for communication purposes. Social media applications allow us to see a smaller picture of the world getting smaller. It allows us to check events of known people in society and even our migrated neighborhood. Regardless of which device to use, both of them offer reconnection through communication.

  1. Accessories

Almost all accessories that work with a computer can work with mobile phones as well. Some of these are a projector, smart wrist, speaker, headset, microphone, and other innovations. Accessories allow more convenience and give highlights to their use. And these accessories work for the two devices.


Innovations in our technology have been increasing each year. But these two devices are never to be left. Computers and mobile phones are the foundation of why this progress happened. Thus, we need to know their similarities. This is for us to define each device. As we never know when we will need them both.

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