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The Many Uses Of Smart TVs

In recent years I have seen television technology advance at a significant rate. Smart TVs are now often regarded as an essential household item. They are affordable enough for the vast majority of people in the US to own them. I admire these products so much that I like to buy the latest models on a regular basis. Whilst some television viewers may feel content with a more traditional set there are numerous benefits to owning a smart TV. I have noticed that they can perform a wide array of tasks that are simply not possible with an older “offline” form of hardware. I would like to explain some of the most popular ways to utilize smart TVs. This will hopefully help readers to decide whether this tech is a worthy purchase for them.

Accessing The Internet

A smart TV differentiates itself from its older counterparts by the fact that it has an internet connection. This opens up a massive amount of possibilities. When I got my first ever smart TV I was blown away by the difference that this made. It was more than just a way for me to view terrestrial channels. I now basically had a hybrid of both a television and a computer. I could surf my favorite websites and interact with my screen in a very immersive way. I believe that this technology has revolutionized the ways that we watch content. Now that various ISPs (Internet Service Providers) offer comprehensive Internet and TV packages like the cox internet packages that can connect multiple devices as well as enable the access of the Internet on Smart TVs, it has become easier than ever to enjoy my favorite content from across the board and not just stick to cable TV.

Watching 3D Movies

In the past 3D films were a gimmick and not taken very seriously. However, the release of James Cameron’s epic action film Avatar changed all that. It legitimized 3D to the point where TVs were eventually produced with stereoscopic image capabilities. I was very excited when this hardware came out. I quickly purchased a 3D TV. It made the films I watched at home much more immersive. I was able to have a cinematic experience in my own living room. I’ve even considered investing in a sound bar like the one found here to really elevate the home-cinema experience. Today 3D TVs have fallen out of fashion. However, I continue to use mine as there are still 3D Blu-Rays available to buy.

Casting Content Onto The Screen

I watch a lot of videos on my smartphone. The problem is, I don’t enjoy viewing them on such a small screen. In the past a large tablet would suffice but I would have much preferred to watch them on a TV sized screen. This finally became a reality thanks to casting. It displays footage from my phone onto the TV. This has expanded the types of content I can watch on it, including internet video sites and image files of pictures I have taken.

Playing Video Games

Whilst I do watch a lot of movies and TV shows my favorite passion is playing video games. I enjoy participating in play sessions with other people via the internet. I would usually do this through a PC. However, I now play games via my smart TV. Online gaming through a television is impressively simplistic. All I have to do is plug my console into the HDMI slot of the TV via HDMI cables and this gives me internet access. My friend was telling me about the new HDMI 2.1 specifications that you can read more about here, but basically, it supports higher video resolutions which means that the quality will be insane. Whichever HDMI cable I use, will mean I am able to enjoy the rich visuals of my games on a much larger screen than my computer monitor. The process of connection is also much easier.

Face To Face Video Calls

I have also hooked up a webcam and mic to my TV so that I can do video calls with my friends and family. This is much better than doing so on a smartphone as the sound and visuals are sharper. I have even utilized this technology for online work conference meetings. Musicians may wish to use it for hosting their own performances on the internet.

Content Streaming

Despite all of its capabilities I still use my TV mainly for watching movies and shows. I can view them from many different streaming services. I have subscribed to a large number of them and they can all be displayed onto the television screen. I am even able to blare out songs from music streaming apps. If I end up feeling nostalgic for more traditional television content I can still access terrestrial channels. A smart TV has significantly expanded the different types of content available to me.

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