USBINFO™ Product Information

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It’s finally here! — The Ultimate Software Utility and Tool for Viewing, Browsing, Exploring and Performance Testing USB Devices.

USBINFO™ can help you optimize your USB Device configuration and help you speed up your system performance.

USBINFO™ is a powerful yet simple to understand and easy to use new program for easily browsing, viewing, and testing your USB Devices.

USBINFO™ is very affordable: Personal Edition Only $19.95
Professional Edition $149.95.

USBINFO™ has features for professional and technical people as well as for the average PC user.

USBINFO™ has an extremely powerful and extensive set of features. (See Details Below)

USBINFO™ is compatible with and installs quickly and easily on Windows 98/SE/Me/2000/XP. No complicated configuration or setup is needed.

USBINFO™ is unlike any other utility or tool available as it provides a complete yet simple to understand instant view of all of your USB Devices including Controllers, Hubs and other external USB Devices – And you can see all of the Windows devices that are related to your USB Devices such as USB Drives – All in a single view.

In most cases, USBINFO™ even provides a much better view of your USB Devices than Windows itself. For example, on Windows you would have to look at least 5 windows of information to get the same information that USBINFO™ provides in a single easy-to-understand view.