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Using Smartphones During Lockdown

The recent lockdown measures due to the coronavirus pandemic have meant I have had to stay inside with only my smartphone for company. It has also meant that I have had to shop around for the best Satellite Internet Now. Luckily this small piece of hardware has a wide range of uses. It has allowed me to stay entertained and informed thanks to the numerous apps available. After weeks of relying on my phone I have compiled a list of the best ways to utilize it. I personally use an Android smartphone but fans of iOS can also benefit from this information.

Video Calling Friends And Family

It is fair to say that the lockdown has been very isolating for a large number of people. I have managed to alleviate this thanks to the video call function on my smartphone. It has allowed me to chat face to face (via a screen) with the people I care about. Human beings are social by their very nature. We need to talk to others from time to time. Whilst I would prefer to do so in person video chat helps to fill an important void in my current life. Millions of people have done the same.

Online Quizzes

A strange phenomenon has happened since the start of lockdown. Online quizzes have become very popular. I believe that this is due to the fact that people feel the need to have their mind stimulated. Quizzes are ideal for brain training at a time when many of us are stuck inside with not much to do at all. I have even started to set up my own quizzes. I host them via video chat with my friends. This keeps me busy during the quieter days of the week. However, it might be too much of a commitment for people who do not have enough free time.

Family Research

One thing that I have found that a friend got me interested in is looking into my family history. You can search online records to try and discover your lineage and see if there is a possibility you might be descended from someone famous or perhaps even Royalty. You can check this out to get started and have a look at your ancestor’s records.

Playing Video Games

As much as I like traditional forms of media such as film and TV my favorite type of entertainment is video games. It is a much more immersive way to pass the time. I am transported to exciting worlds where I can become an interesting character. I have spent a fair amount of time playing video games on my smartphone. People interested in doing the same should ensure they get a phone that has a good enough performance. Otherwise they might suffer annoying lags. I tend to play role-playing fantasy themed games. First person shooters are particularly popular as well.

News Updates

Since the pandemic is an ongoing news event I like to stay up to date on the latest developments. That is why I have a new app installed which gives me alerts when a story is published. I am even able to filter out the news categories I am not interested in. These apps are also useful for watching live video conferences of politicians explaining the national response to the virus. This will keep me informed of when lockdowns may be eased and the progress of vaccination rollouts. I also enjoy reading more light-hearted stories to improve my mood.

Fitness Tracking

It is important that everyone stays fit and healthy whilst being stuck at home. Smartphones have a number of great fitness tracking apps which monitor exercise, weight and diet. I even link my phone to a tracker bracelet so that it can read my heartrate. The apps give me routines to follow so that I can maintain my current fitness level. When I first tried out the tracker I initially used it to lower my calorie intake and lose weight. In the future I plan to utilize it in order to gain muscle mass. I have also experimented with sleep monitoring apps.

Movies, Shows And Music Streaming

One of the most common uses of smartphones is for streaming entertainment services. This includes movies, TV shows and music. There are plenty of subscription services available which tend to charge monthly rates. I pay for several of them so that I can get all of my entertainment needs directly through my phone. It has eliminated my need for a television. However, some people like to cast their phone content onto a big screen. There is a wealth of things to watch and listen to online and smartphones are perfect for accessing them.

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