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Fun Things to Do with an Old Mobile Device

Have you ever had a very old cell phone that you no longer use? Perhaps this phone is at least five years old, but the battery has gone bad, or maybe the phone has become a little clunky and bulky, and you have no interest in fixing or upgrading it. Then, there are the cases where you have a phone that is broken, and you have yet to find a Phone Doctor to carry out the necessary repairs, but you still have a few months left on your contract so you’re not in any immediate rush. You may also have the phones that you have lying around, but you don’t really like them so you don’t use them. Maybe it’s a spare, but you are not keen on throwing it out just yet.

That old mobile device of yours probably has tons of life left in it. There’s no sense in throwing away something you’re still paying off, right? After all, we’re running into a smartphone-obsessed future. But you still want to get the most out of that old phone.

Here are some fun things to do with an Old Mobile Device:

  • Wireless trackpad and controller for computer

If you’ve got an old cellphone lying around, then you might have some fun tinkering with it. For example, a wireless trackpad and controller for your computer can turn an old phone into a full-blown desktop replacement for a fraction of the cost. If you’ve ever wondered how to use a smartphone with a trackpad or controller instead of a mouse or touchscreen, your prayers have been answered. Wacom, a graphics tablet and controller manufacturer, has unveiled a new device called Inkling that works with iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux computers.

  • Remote computer terminal

One of the oldest tricks in the book is to use the old flip phone as a remote computer terminal. After all, the remote computer has power, Wi-Fi, and internet connectivity. The flip phone becomes the wireless keyboard and mouse. A wireless keyboard and mouse is essentially a handheld wireless computer. If you’re upgrading to a new smartphone and have an old cell phone lying around that works well enough, you can use it as a remote computer terminal. The concept is pretty simple; you pair your old phone up with a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse and set the keyboard and mouse to launch into a remote desktop mode. You can use this method to run applications on your old phone or even use it as a second screen for your desktop. If you are in a pinch, you can even use this method to make calls from your old phone and talk on your computer.

  • Universal smart remote

The era of the smartphone is upon us. So, why not turn an old, underpowered phone into a universal remote for all your home electronics? Many apps will allow you to do this, but we recommend using the Universal Cast app by Scott Wilson, which uses a two-finger swipe on the screen to control your devices.

  • Freestanding security camera

As a security professional, you know that having a video camera on your smartphone is a wonderful, low-cost way to supplement your security network. But, what if you could have a second, free camera watching all your other cameras? Free-standing security cameras are one of the best ways to provide secondary surveillance, and if you have some security cameras mounted on a wall and others in a free-standing position, then you have the best of both worlds.

  • Dedicated E-reader

Reading e-books on your phone is cool and all, but it’s a pain when you have to pick up your phone every time you want to read a book. That’s why many people use their old phones as dedicated e-books. You can use your old phone as a stand-in for a dedicated e-reader that you can take with you no matter where you go, or use your old phone to carry around a pocket e-reader.

So your old smartphone is dead, or it’s just not getting the attention it deserves anymore. You still have a couple of apps, settings, and contacts saved in it, so what now? If your device is rooted, you can still do some simple things to keep it running, at least for a while. You can also ensure it will always receive software updates or have it as an always-on home server for your digital belongings.

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