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What do Computer Scientists do?

Computers are a big part of our lives nowadays, we are unable to do much without them as we have grown to depend on what they can provide for us, especially when it comes to jobs.

Whilst some people may see this as a hindrance, it is actually a positive, as the need for computer scientists has grown, opening up the doors to a variety of careers that can help with education, engineering, business, entertainment, and so on.

If you think that you would like to work in the field of computer science, and you are currently working towards a computer science degree, plus you want to know exactly “what do computer scientists do?”, then you may find this breakdown of the industry interesting.

What is Computer Science?

Before becoming a computer scientist, it is good to read about some background in this industry and understand why computer science is so important and how computer systems are an integral part of our lives now.

Computer science is the study of computers and their systems. It is a field that expands its reach far and wide meaning that there are many computer science jobs out there for people to go into, whether they have a knack for programming languages or software engineering, a degree in computer science can get them into a career that fulfills those needs.

Through computer science, experts can develop new software systems as well as use mathematical algorithms and computer programming skills to study computer processes.

Computer Science & Computer Programming

You may believe that these two are the same, however, that is not true because computer science focuses on computer theory, whereas computer programming is all about the practical application. They will of course overlap, but they each have their distinct jobs that need to be understood.

What Are The Benefits of Computer Science?

Computer science is about using these skills to make the world a better place by advancing data science and machine learning so that they can solve problems and create positive outcomes.

If you want to study computer science and take a variety of diverse and interesting computer science programs that will put you in a position to be innovative and find positive solutions for society, then you will need to know what that will entail and if it is something you can see yourself growing in.

Working For The Federal Government

Did you know that around a third of computer and information scientists are employed by the federal government? If you have always wanted to work for them rather than going into the private sector where you can do things such as software development or work on keeping computer networks secure, then getting a computer science degree can help you get there.

What Will You Study With Computer Science Degrees?

If you decide on going for a degree in computer science then there are many subjects that could interest you and may influence you to go for it to start your computer science career.

If you think that being a computer scientist means that all day, every day, you will be working on computer systems and not doing much else, you are mistaken, but we will get into the various job opportunities later on.

You may be interested to know that most computer scientists have at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science or in a field that is related before they get into the industry.

Applied Mathematics

If you want to get into the computer science industry, then you need to apply critical thinking and abstract reasoning, these are classed as mathematical ways of thinking, so it stands to reason that mathematics would be a subject people have to study.

Not only will you study math, but you will also be studying statistics and probability as these are important parts of computer science.

The math majors that you may be studying are topics such as –

  • Calculus
  • Linear Algebra
  • Binary and Hexadecimal Counting
  • Discrete Mathematics

These are potentially what you may learn, so it would be wise to take a look at those and see if they are something you can understand which will add to your computer science skills.


An algorithm is defined as a process or a set of rules to be followed in calculations. It is typically used to solve problems or perform a computation. To define it even further, it is there to tell a computer how to perform a specific task to solve a problem.

This is an umbrella term as there are specific algorithms that you could be learning in your computer science courses.

You may be studying –

  • Brute Force Algorithms
  • Dynamic Programming Algorithms
  • Backtracking Algorithms
  • Randomized Algorithms

Programming Languages

When using programming languages, you will be able to solve problems effectively. You can learn them in-depth and then solve specific problems using the language you have learned.

The basic building blocks you will learn in these programming languages will be things like –

  • Data Types
  • Loops
  • Boolean Logic
  • Logic and Arithmetic Operators

What Jobs Can Computer Scientists Do?

Computer scientist jobs are varied and are some of the highest-paid jobs on the market today. Careers that scientists can be in are artificial intelligence, security, database systems, vision and graphics, software engineering, and the theory of computing.

Down below are a handful of jobs that may suit what you are looking for. There are quite a lot out there, so you will need to wade through them, but this may help you know which path to take

Computer Programmer

Programmers will write, modify and test code scripts so that software and applications can function properly. They work alongside software developers as well as engineers who create designs that need to be turned into instructions for computers to understand.

Data Scientist

This type of scientist will analyze data for actionable insights. They will deal with data analytics problems that will help organizations.

They will spend a lot of time researching as well as writing algorithms and code. There is a lot of group work involved as well so that data can be obtained and understood.

Web Developer

The clue is in the name, they develop websites. They need to make sure that these websites are easy to navigate as well as look visually appealing.

They have to deal with website capacity and performance so that it is functional for the use it is intended for.

Systems Engineer

They determine problems within certain systems and then they provide solutions, which may mean deciding on designing new systems as well as upgrading hardware. They take a project from conception to completion.

Front-End Developer

A front-end developer is needed to make sure that website visitors can interact with the page effectively. They use design and technology as well as programming to code the appearance of the website. They will also focus on debugging.

Security Analyst

Security analysts will help organizations protect their computer systems as well as their networks.

This will mean installing specific software, conducting penetration testing, and recommending what security upgrades would be best for a particular system.


After reading this article, you hopefully, have a better understanding of what computer scientists can do and what career paths they can take.

If this still appeals to you then good luck on your journey to becoming a computer scientist.

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